Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Budget/Fees Questions

Our water polo budget this year is estimated at $32,000.  Each player/family will be asked to contribute $450 or more, and as a group we decided on this (family donation) option in lieu of a major fundraiser, which consumes many volunteer hours to plan and execute.  Achieving the requested $450 can be accomplished by a single family donation, soliciting sponsorships, or fundraising on your own.    If your family is unable to personally contribute, we ask that you solicit corporate sponsorships in the amount of $450 or more, with a letter we will provide for you.  If your family cannot contribute the entire amount of $450, we ask that you contribute what you can.  Thank you!

All donations are tax deductible and our Tax ID# is: 55-0862096.

In order to keep our program developing, we need to make sure it has the extra financial support it needs. The Tustin Unified School District provides our program with very limited financial support, covering only minimal expenses such as partial tournament fees and limited coaching stipends, during the season only.  THAT IS ALL.

Here is a breakdown of major expenses budgeted for the boys program this school year that are not covered by the TUSD:

  • Coaches stipends: $10,000
  • Gifts for coaches-end of season: $1,200
  • Banquet-end of season: $2,000
  • Tournaments: $1,500
  • Weight Room Training: $1,000
  • Senior Recognition & Gifts: $500
  • Team bonding meals: $1,200
  • Equipments/Fixtures: $1,000
  • CIF Expenses: $900

In addition to other miscellaneous costs not listed above, we estimate our program costs will exceed $30,000 this year. As many of you know, snack bar and spirit pack sales help offset some program expenses, and we ask that you continue to support these fundraisers for the upcoming season.


  • Coaching Stipends: $10,000
    • TUSD pays coaches (of all sports) the following stipends: $3,000 for one head coach; $2,100 for two assistant coaches; and $1,800 for one assistant coach.  They receive this stipend during the season they coach – that’s it for the whole year!  These coaches take approximately 4 hours out of the middle of their day, every day, to coach our athletes.  Not exactly conducive for working another full-time job, and this is why coaches have to work 2-4 other jobs to make ends meet. If our capital campaign is successful, the Boosters are ALLOWED to pay the coaches up to the same stipend they received during season in the Winter off-season and the Spring off-season.  So, the Head Coach would receive $3,000 from TUSD in the Fall; $3,000 from Boosters in the Winter; and $3,000 from Boosters in the Spring, for a whopping total of $9,000 for the entire year!  It’s still not a lot, but it’s the maximum we can do for our coaches by law.  We need to try to help our coaches earn a living, so that we can retain good coaches and have continuity in the program.
  • Gifts for coaches-end of season: $1,200
    • Every year, we thank our coaches.  The BHS Super Boosters have approved that each coach per season can receive a gift not to exceed $499.  We typically try to give the maximum, but of course, what we can give is based on the success of our fundraising for the year.  Determining amounts of the coaching gifts is at the discretion of the board.The BHS Super Boosters have approved that each coach per season can receive a gift not to exceed $499.  We typically give $450.  This figure can change depending on the number of coaches we have.
  • Banquet-end of season: $2,000
    • Every year we hold a season-end banquet for our boys water polo families to celebrate the season and recognize the coaches and athletes for their accomplishments
  • Tournaments: $1,500
    • These refer to the pre-league tournaments and can vary each year:  Coronado, Friar Fling, South Coast, and San Clemente are examples of these. Entering these tournaments is the responsibility of the coaching staff at the end of the season for the next season.  However, TUSD only covers partial tournament fees, coaches’ stipends during season, some equipment, etc…..
  • Weight Room Training: $1,250
    •   All Beckman sports teams who use the weight room pay this fee, and it pays for the trainer and maintenance costs.  The money goes directly to the Beckman Athletic Department
  • Senior Recognition & Gifts: $500
    • This figure is based on the number of senior athletes graduating last year.  This is just an estimate at this time.
  • Team bonding meals: $1,200
    • This is at the discretion of the VPs, but typically we have a team bonding lunch at Beckman on the pool deck before each home league game.  This year the boys had a dinner catered by Wise Guys Pizzeria on the last day of Hell week that was covered by this line item in the budget.
  • Equipments/Fixtures: $1,000
    • This covers operating equipment needed such as caps, balls, goals, lockers, weight belts and any other equipment needed to run our program at the highest level.
  • CIF Expenses: $900
    •  This is the CIF Southern Section fee to participate.  It covers their cost to run the tournament, and if we don’t make CIF, we don’t need to pay these expenses.

As many of you know, snack bar and spirit pack sales help offset some program expenses, and we ask that you continue to support these fundraisers for the upcoming season. We count on this revenue every year to help meet our overall budget goals.


The tradition of “passing the sugar” at Beckman games was started by Booster parent Stuart Marsh, and behind this is a very touching story.

This tradition was started in 2013 with the Northwood Club 14u Girls’ team.  When one of the girls scored, Stuart heard that the assisting player had a “sweet shot” and it became routine to say that “assisting player passed the sugar” to the girl who scored the goal.  This tradition then made its way over to the Beckman Girls team, as well as the Boys 12u team at Northwood.  The 12u boys’ parents continued on as their boys aged up to 14u and this tradition had united the parents and other fans in the stands.  The “passing of the sugar” even influenced where the parents sat because they would be outside the “sugar zone”.  With the parents in the stands cheering and giving each other “the sugar” – a lot of positive energy was flowing that the players fed off of.  When the boys 14u competed in the National Junior Olympics (JOs), “the sugar” became part of that team.  Many friendships were made in the water and in the stands during that season.

Unfortunately, a short time later the 14u goalie, Dragon Kim, was killed while camping in Yosemite National Park. In a freak accident – a branch from an oak tree fell on top of Dragon’s tent, killing him and his friend Justin Lee (also on the 14u team).  At Dragon’s memorial service, the Kim family asked the pastor to include “the sugar” in his eulogy.  Paraphrasing, he said, “…and Dragon, you may have all the Sugar you want in heaven.”  Since then, the Sugar has been a part of our water polo experience here at Beckman.  We do it to celebrate great plays from our athletes, but we also do it as a remembrance of a life cut far too short.

To read more about this remarkable individual, please go to:


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Patriots Aquatics vs. Beckman Water Polo

Beckman Water Polo is the high school team for Beckman High School.  The boys’ high school season runs August-November.

Patriot Aquatics is a separate, non-profit USAWP Club Team that provides year-round aquatics training in swimming and water polo for the entire community, ages 5-18.  Patriot Aquatics operates off of dues collected from its members. Patriot Aquatics – Swim & Water Polo – Irvine & Tustin

Patriot Aquatics is an independent, private swim and water polo club.  Other similar clubs in the area are Socal, Northwood, SET, CdM, Vanguard, etc.  Patriot Aquatics is NOT part of Beckman High School.  Patriot Aquatics is a non-profit organization.  Patriot Aquatics does not receive free use of the pool and must pay several thousand dollars per month for its use to the TUSD.  Patriot Aquatics pays for high-level, experienced and EXCELLENT coaches.  The entire admin. staff of Patriot Aquatics (President, Treasurer, Registrar, Apparel, Snack Bar Coordinator, Collections and Communications) are unpaid volunteers.

Social Media and Photos

We need all Beckman Water Polo families and friends to follow us on social media! Here’s how:

Facebook: or @beckmanwp

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  • If you want to receive Tweets via SMS (text messaging), send a text message to: 40404. In the subject line type: follow beckmanwp (you should then immediately receive confirmation you are following beckmanwp)

Instagram: or @beckmanwp

This season we have moved our photo galleries to Shutterfly, with access for Beckman water polo families and coaches only. We have done this to maintain the integrity of the photos that many of our volunteer parents spend countless hours taking, and uploading to our galleries.

To access the Beckman Shutterfly photo galleries, please first visit: If you already have a Shutterfly account, it will give an option to request access to the site.  If you do not have an account, just sign up with the information requested (name, email address, password) and then request access to the BHSWP site. To speed up the approval process, please mention your player, level, and who you are “Johnny Speedo, Frosh/Soph, I’m Jeff – his Dad”. Once access is granted, you can download the photos and/or order prints.

Please note that by uploading photos into our Shutterfly account you are also releasing these to be used for social media and marketing purposes for the Beckman Water Polo program. Also, we do not give individual credit for photos but you will be recognized at some point as a photo contributor, so thank you!

Yes! We encourage you to repost our photos on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, and regram on Instagram! This will help build likes and followers for our program.

However, we ask that you follow normal protocol and give proper attribution to our property. We have many volunteer parents who give up their time to take these photos and create the posts around them. Also – by following these guidelines, you will help promote our program and draw even more attention to our social media outlets. Here’s how to properly attribute our work:

  • Add a link to original source of the photos (Website, Instagram or Facebook), or
  • Tag Beckman Water Polo (@beckmanwp)

Here’s an example of a Facebook post that has been properly attributed: