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The tradition of “passing the sugar” at Beckman games was started by Booster parent Stuart Marsh, and behind this is a very touching story.

This tradition was started in 2013 with the Northwood Club 14u Girls’ team.  When one of the girls scored, Stuart heard that the assisting player had a “sweet shot” and it became routine to say that “assisting player passed the sugar” to the girl who scored the goal.  This tradition then made its way over to the Beckman Girls team, as well as the Boys 12u team at Northwood.  The 12u boys’ parents continued on as their boys aged up to 14u and this tradition had united the parents and other fans in the stands.  The “passing of the sugar” even influenced where the parents sat because they would be outside the “sugar zone”.  With the parents in the stands cheering and giving each other “the sugar” – a lot of positive energy was flowing that the players fed off of.  When the boys 14u competed in the National Junior Olympics (JOs), “the sugar” became part of that team.  Many friendships were made in the water and in the stands during that season.

Unfortunately, a short time later the 14u goalie, Dragon Kim, was killed while camping in Yosemite National Park. In a freak accident – a branch from an oak tree fell on top of Dragon’s tent, killing him and his friend Justin Lee (also on the 14u team).  At Dragon’s memorial service, the Kim family asked the pastor to include “the sugar” in his eulogy.  Paraphrasing, he said, “…and Dragon, you may have all the Sugar you want in heaven.”  Since then, the Sugar has been a part of our water polo experience here at Beckman.  We do it to celebrate great plays from our athletes, but we also do it as a remembrance of a life cut far too short.

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