Team Communications

In order to streamline our communications, we are using an email system called Club Assistant. This is our primary means of communication to our parents and is also sometimes used by our coaches to contact the athletes.

To keep costs to a minimum, Patriot Aquatics Club is allowing us to share their system with us for free. For this to work, our registration has to go through their web page, but once in the system, we are in our own member group called “Beckman High School Boys’ Water Polo Team”, and it is maintained and monitored exclusively by the Beckman Coaches & Beckman Boosters’ Parent Volunteers.

To sign up:

1. Go to
2. Click registration.
3. Click Elite Water Polo or “High School”.
4. Ignore all of the information about USAWP registration. This is NOT necessary for the high school season.
5. IMPORTANT: for email, put the PARENT email, not the athletes’ email. Later, we are asking that you log in to your account and add a second parent email and the athlete’s email.
6. The system prompts you to keep a credit card on file. We will never charge your card without your prior knowledge and permission. Most seasons, you will never need to use your card for anything, but examples of times you might use your card – retreat fee; end of season banquet ticket for parent; fees if your athlete is rostered on one of our travel tournaments, etc. When any of these events are approaching, you will receive an email that cards will be charged, how much, when and what it’s for. At that time, you will have ample opportunity to approve or decline the transaction.
7. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: When you go to check out, it will appear that your card will automatically be charged the Elite Fee Dues. THIS WILL ABSOLUTELY, 100% NOT HAPPEN. Our system can’t charge automatically. I, personally, have to manually charge, so I promise you it won’t happen. You will NOT be charged – there is no charge.
8. Once you have completed registration, log back into your account.
• See where your email is? Check parent. Click Update.
• Second email line, enter a second parent, click parent (if appropriate). Click Update.
• Third email line (or second, if no second parent), enter athlete’s email. The coaches are expecting the athletes to be on this email distribution. Click update.
• OPTIONAL: Enter any more relatives who would be interested in being on our distribution (step-parents, grandparents, etc.)

Please follow these instructions and everything will be in order for the high school season!

Questions? Please contact me at

Gretchen Reynoso
Beckman High School Water Polo Vice President

PS: If you have ever been enrolled in Patriot Aquatics previously, you do not need to follow the above instructions, as you already have an existing account – just contact Gretchen, and she can add you to the BHS Water Polo Booster distribution.

PPS: If you have followed the above directions and ever decide to join Patriot Aquatics in the future, contact Gretchen, you will have already created your account. You will not need to re-register. It is all the same system, there are just different sub-groups within the system.