The Beckman Water Polo program could not exist without the incredible help from our volunteer parents! Many thanks to all that serve – whether it is in a board capacity, the snack bar and team lunches, ordering apparel, photography, chaperoning, or the many other functions that help the team.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated their time, talent and money to make this the BEST program on campus for the BEST sport in the world: WATER POLO!

Beckman Water Polo Reimbursement Form, click here to download. Please fill out and return to Cheryl Miranda, Beckman WP Boosters Treasurer

2017 – 2018 Boys’ Board:

President: Mary Hajali

Vice President: Gretchen Reynoso

Treasurer: Cheryl Miranda

Secretary: Agnes Tran

Fundraising Chair: Elaine Schwarz

Committees (2017-2018):

Registration & Credit Card Charging/Management: Gretchen Reynoso

Communications: Gretchen Reynoso

Banking: Cheryl Miranda, Gretchen Reynoso

Webmaster & Design: Chris Ruoff

Social Media: Lisa Liddane, Chris Ruoff

Beckman Water Polo Email Account: Amy Hoff

Athletic Clearances: Gretchen Reynoso

Apparel Coordinator: Agnes Tran

Lake Arrowhead Retreat: Gary Zohman

San Clemente Retreat Coordinators: Gretchen Reynoso, Agnes Tran

Kick-off Welcome Lunch:  Kathy Gambill, Gretchen Reynoso, Agnes Tran, & Gary Zohman

Snack Bar Coordinator: Sara Martinez

Snack Bar Volunteer Coordinator: Elaine Schwarz

Snack Bar Opener: Kathy Ruoff

Snack Bar Shoppers: Sue Waltz

Snack Bar Closer: TBD

Facilities Coordinator: TBD

Statistics: TBD

Team Photographer & Banquet Slide Show: Greg Spaan

Team Meals Coordinator: Kathy Ruoff

Team Lunch #1: TBD

Team Lunch #2: TBD

Team Lunch #3: TBD

Team Lunch #4: TBD

Team Lunch #5: TBD

Varsity Team Gatorade/Water for games: Yumi Grubb

Junior Varsity Team Gatorade/Water for games: TBD

Frosh/Soph Team Gatorade/Water for games: TBD

Senior Day Coordinator: TBD Helped by: TBD

CIF BBQ: TBD Helped by: TBD

CIF Lunch: TBD

Banquet Coordinator: TBD

Alumni Game: TBD Helped by: TBD

Family Donations: In process