What is the 2017-2018 budget and where does the money go?

In order to keep our program developing, we need to make sure it has the extra financial support it needs. The Tustin Unified School District provides our program with very limited financial support, covering only minimal expenses such as partial tournament fees and limited coaching stipends, during the season only.  THAT IS ALL.

Here is a breakdown of major expenses budgeted for the boys program this school year that are not covered by the TUSD:

  • Coaches stipends: $10,000
  • Gifts for coaches-end of season: $1,200
  • Banquet-end of season: $2,000
  • Tournaments: $1,500
  • Weight Room Training: $1,000
  • Senior Recognition & Gifts: $500
  • Team bonding meals: $1,200
  • Equipments/Fixtures: $1,000
  • CIF Expenses: $900

In addition to other miscellaneous costs not listed above, we estimate our program costs will exceed $30,000 this year. As many of you know, snack bar and spirit pack sales help offset some program expenses, and we ask that you continue to support these fundraisers for the upcoming season.